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Polish Drinking Games to Elevate Your Night Out in Krakow!

When exploring Krakow's vibrant nightlife, adding a touch of local culture can truly elevate your evening. Polish drinking games (Polish pronunciation: Polskie gry picia) offer a fun and interactive way to connect with new friends and enhance your night out. Personally, when I travel to a new country, I often dive into the party scene and occasionally miss out on the cultural side. So here are some traditional games to help you enjoy both culture and party simultaneously!

1. Czółko (Forehead) (Polish pronunciation: Chool-ko)

Czółko, also known as "Forehead," is a simple yet hilarious icebreaker for your Krakow adventure. Each player writes a famous person or character on a sticky note and places it on the forehead of the person to their right. Through yes-or-no questions, players guess their identity. Incorrect guesses result in a drink, making it both challenging and entertaining.

2. Jedzie Pociąg z Daleka (The Train is Coming) (Polish pronunciation: Yed-zie Po-tsyong z Da-leh-ka)

This lively game combines singing and drinking, a favorite in Krakow's nightlife. Participants form a circle and sing "Jedzie Pociąg z Daleka" while mimicking train movements. The song pauses randomly, and the leader selects a player to drink, ensuring a merry atmosphere throughout.

3. Koci Łapki (Cat Paws) (Polish pronunciation: Kot-si Wap-ki)

Koci Łapki tests reflexes and coordination, adding excitement to your night out. Sitting in a circle, players cross hands in a pattern and tap the table sequentially. Mistakes or hesitations result in a drink, keeping everyone engaged and agile.





4. Picie na Komendy (Drink on Command) (Polish pronunciation: Pee-tsie nah Ko-men-de)

Here’s one of my favorites! Much like Simon says. Follow commands in this game exactly or face extra drinks. First, you designate a commander to issue orders like "raise your glass" or "drink," challenging participants as the pace intensifies. Perfect for a lively night and sure to keep the party going!

5. Ciepło-Zimno (Hot-Cold) (Polish pronunciation: Tsyep-wo Zim-no)

Hide and seek gets a drinking twist with Ciepło-Zimno. One player hides an object while others search based on "ciepło" (warm) and "zimno" (cold) clues. The finder selects someone to drink, adding a thrilling element to the party scene.

Bringing It All Together

Incorporate these traditional Polish drinking games into your night out for unforgettable memories. Whether you're a local or a visitor, these games foster friendship and laughter, enhancing your experience. Ready for a night of fun and culture? Join our pub crawl and make your Krakow adventure truly unforgettable! Click here!

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