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Halloween in Krakow – The Best Spooky Activities

With centuries of spooky history and a reputation for throwing amazing parties, Krakow is the place to be this Halloween. The old town is full of haunting secrets and chilling stories, which you can discover on one of the ghostly night-time walking tours around the city. Themed bars and clubs will be offering a variety of drinks and playing banger after banger – so come in your scariest outfit and prepare to party! 

Halloween Pubs & Clubs

Tawerna Wilczy Dol (Wolf’s Lair) - Halloween brings an extra dimension of scary fun to this hidden gem. It’s themed around The Witcher, making it perfect for fans of the famous Netflix series. Serving up delicious beers, spirits and cocktails, this legendary pub is a must-visit for Halloween. 

Café Szafe – every Halloween, or Dziadoween, Café Szafe hosts an unmissable costume party. Decorated with grinning Jack-o-lanterns, this bar serves up plenty of drinks, and is free to get in. There are even face paints and an award for the best costume. Will yours make the grade?

Club Nights - All over Krakow, clubs host themed Halloween parties that will have you dancing into the early hours. When it comes to costumes at popular venues like Shakers and Prozak 2.0, anything goes! With plenty of drinks and talented local DJs, you won’t want to leave the dance floor. 

Spooky Old Town Tours

Discover the dark side of Krakow on a spine-chilling nighttime tour of the city’s old town, which is steeped in history. With knowledgeable tour guides, you’ll hear ghost stories, serial killer legends, and tales of haunted happenings in some of the town’s alleyways and old buildings. Check out some of our favourites…

Creepy Krakow Tour

This is a 2-hour walking tour of the city, that starts after the sun goes down. Your tour guide will lead you to some of the most fascinating parts of the town, while sharing stories based on real life. The dimly lit streets will reveal things that will make you see the town in a different light. 

Krakow by Night

Join your tour guide on a journey through the dark side of the city. Walk past the city’s eerily lit gothic buildings as you hear old urban legends, ghost stories, and more. 

Krakow Horror House 

The Krakow Horror House is not for the faint hearted! It’s a place that will make you scream, and jump out of your skin, while taking part in thrilling activities that will give you goosebumps. If travelling with a group of friends, this is a great way to spend an afternoon before heading out on the town in the evening. 

Experience the best of Krakow’s Halloween nightlife and book your place on our legendary pub crawl. Get VIP entrance to the best clubs, one hour of unlimited drinks, and a scary magician! It’s not to be missed, so book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

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